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Cheers to 34 more!


Today in 1983, Jimmy John's owner Jimmy John Liautaud opened the doors for the first time to the students at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL. He chose Charleston because his brother Greg, and two cousins went to EIU, and the location was surrounded by bars. Perfect! Students drink, they get hungry, Jimmy John's would stay open late and feed them. Boom!

Jimmy John found a site- a two car garage that had been remodeled into a pizza joint which eventually closed down. From what started out as one 19 year old dude making subs in a converted garage, to over 2,600 locations across the U.S., here’s a little look back at how we got started!

Man, we're getting old. 

Charleston, IL - January 13, 1983

 Jimmy John’s Owner, Jimmy John Liautaud’s Original Store

Jimmy John Liautaud's first store was a hole in the wall near EIU that Jimmy lived in for 10 years. Oh EIU - nothin like Mother's and Ike's cheeseburgers. Good times! Old Style beer was still cool then, wasn't it?

 Jimmy John’s Original Store – Then & Now

Before you head to Charleston to visit the OG Jimmy John's, the place was falling apart and Jimmy had to move it. 👎 Boo.

Jimmy John’s Charleston Store Museum

BUT, don't worry, the new location in Charleston is pretty sweet and still has tons of history, complete with it's own museum that you should definitely check out! 

Jimmy John Liautaud’s 1983 Menu

The menu in 1983 was simple: 4 sandwiches delivered to your dorm by Jimmy himself. Every college kid's dream!

Jimmy John’s Owner Jimmy John Liautaud with His Sandwiches

Yep, that's 19 year old Jimmy John Liautaud. JJ may have changed a little in 34 years, but his sammies haven't! With a few more sandwiches added to the menu, and a lot more stores under his belt, Jimmy built the sandwich empire that you know and love today.


Keepin it Old School: 

Jimmy John Liautaud’s Delivery Van in 1985

In 1985, delivery became a means of survival. Instead of bringing the party to Jimmy John's, Jimmy would bring sandwiches to the party! We didn't invent sandwich delivery but we sure did perfect it eh?

Jimmy John’s Opens More Stores

Jimmy John’s Signature Style

By 1994, Jimmy had 10 sub shops. Ten years, ten stores, and Jimmy was only 30 years old! America, what a country!


 Jimmy John’s Serving the CustomerJimmy never made a business plan and never intended for Jimmy John's to be as big as it is today. He learned that the biz isn't sexy, it's hard work, it's long hours, and it can be brutal. He worked late nights and weekends and took the toughest jobs for himself. He installed a stereo system, played loud music, and created a very cool work environment. (It still is to this day, if you're looking for a job *wink wink*)

Jimmy John Liautaud’s First Store Today

Thanks for taking a walk down Jimmy John's memory lane. Same sandwich, same story, 34 years in biz today! 

Thanks for 34 years of love America! Cheers to 34 more!


It's Simple!



"I’m a Catering Manager and have been with Jimmy John’s for 6 ½ years. It makes me happy and proud that our stores’ Catering Managers are growing the business by educating customers about the brand and generating catering sales. My goal is to make my team’s day better than mine. We make sandwiches…so have fun with it! It’s simple and people like simple. I love my job and I love JJ’s."

-Emily Costa, Catering Manager, Colorado Springs, CO #3056

Mini Jimmy-cation: Houston, TX Street Art Edition


And awaaaay we go, next stop...Houston! ✈️


Houston has a lot to offer, one thing being...TONS of street art. Here are a few of my favorites!


1. Greetings from Houston

Located at 3601 White Oak Dr., this mural is a great place to start your Houston adventure. 

Greetings from Houston

This building is actually a little gelato shop. Need more convincing? There's a JJ's 4 minutes away, .6 miles to be exact. 😏


2. Biscuit Paint Wall

You can find this colorful wall in Montrose, which is a super cool neighborhood...

Biscuit Paint Wallwith LOTS of good eats.


3. Discovery Green

This public park is full of some bada$$ art...and it's the perfect spot for mini photoshoots 📸

Discovery Green

Mini Jimmy photo shoots, that is.


4. Downtown 

This mural is actually painted on the side of the JW Marriott downtown, how cool! 

Downtown JW Marriott

Just keep an eye on your Mini Jimmys.


5. Houston is Inspired

You got that right! This is just a tiiiiny glimpse of the street art in Houston. So...

Houston is InspiredGet out there and see the rest for yourself!



But let's not forget who got ya there, come see us here:

Houston JJ's

  1. 174 Yale St Houston, TX
  2. 2505 Bagby St Houston, TX
  3. 3231 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX
  4. 820 Main St Houston, TX
  5. 500 Dallas St Houston, TX
  6. 5161 San Felipe St Houston, TX
  7. 4701 Calhoun Rd Houston, TX
  8. 2401 W Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX
  9. 5727 Westheimer Houston, TX
  10. 9778 Katy Freeway Houston, TX
  11. 1106 Silber Rd Houston, TX
  12. 5201 W 34th St Houston, TX
  13. 5124 Bissonnet St Bellaire, TX
  14. 6001 Hillcroft St Houston, TX
  15. 9079 Katy Freeway Houston, TX
  16. 10535 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX
  17. 12124 Greenspoint Dr Houston, TX
  18. 6388 North Eldridge Parkway Houston, TX
  19. 1120 Eldridge Parkway Houston, TX
  20. 12161 Katy Freeway Houston, TX
  21. 5840 W Sam Houston Parkway S Houston, TX
  22. 12303 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX
  23. 14550 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX
  24. 1270 N. Fry Houston, TX
  25. 6608 A Highway N Houston, TX
  26. 12925 FM 1960 Rd W Houston, TX
  27. 6940 FM 1960 W Houston, TX
  28. 4407 A FM 1960 W Houston, TX
  29. 10504 Broadway St Pearland, TX
  30. 10850 Louetta Rd Houston, TX
  31. 9490 FM 1960 Bypass Rd W Humble, TX
  32. 5830 Highway 6 Missouri City, TX
  33. 7316 Louetta Rd Spring, TX
  34. 6011 FM 2920 Rd Spring, TX
  35. 2276 Lone Star Dr Sugar Land, TX
  36. 17330 Spring Cypress Rd Cypress, TX
  37. 400 W Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX
Hard work pays off



"At Jimmy John’s, our goal is to be the best, not the biggest. That’s why we serve made-from-scratch food with quality ingredients. Our veggies and meats are brought in fresh and sliced daily. We bake our French bread all-day, every day. We do everything fast and we give our customers’ great service! It’s hard work, but it gives me a lot of pride. I’m proud of my team and I feel great about myself. At the end of a busy day, I feel like we have accomplished something, something big. Hard work pays off!"

-Chris Burns, General Manager, Olympia, WA #2356

New Year's Resolutions you can actually keep


2016 was rough for a lot of people, so you’re probably really looking forward to 2017.

According to the really smart folks at Nielsen’s (they look at consumer trends and things way over my head) if you’re going make a New Year’s Resolution, it’s probably going to be about eating healthy, spending less money, or getting fit.

While living inside the box is cool, hanging out outside of the box is a bajillion times cooler... and tastier.

So, if you wanna swim against the current, here are a few ideas to make 2017 kick a**!


Learn something new every day

Like what sandwich you like best from Jimmy John’s. 😉If ya try out a sub a day, it’ll knock out your first 25!


The possibilities are endless from there: how to make noodles, kite surfing, gardening. The world is your oyster.

…or tuna sub? 🤔 Nah.


Spend more time outside

 Picnics are a fun outside activity, mainly because they involve food. Grab a few friends, toss out a blanket, and chow down on a 12 or 24 pack of Mini Jimmys! 🔌

Green Picnic


Travel more!

Visit your childhood best friend, your grandma, the ocean, or check out this sweet list of top weekend getaways:

And good news, there’s a Jimmy John’s near (almost) all of them!


Fuel your adventure!


Keep in touch

Life gets busy, we all know it. Set an alarm on your phone to call someone you love once a week. Or if you’re feeling especially giving, surprise them with a Jimmy John’s delivery.


Let’s be honest, the best way to remind someone you love them is by buying them food.


Give more hugs!

Alright, this one has nothing to do with me, people just need more love, hugs and smiles.



Cheers to 2017!

Mini Jimmy-cation: Champaign, IL


Next stop...home sweet home!


Welcome to Champaign, home of the Fighting Illini and your very own...


1. JJ Headquarters

It's the place where we do everything that has nothing to do with what we do, like writing this blog. Plus, it's full of cool people 😏



2. University of Illinois

You've gotta swing by campus, it's beautiful! And make sure to get a photo with the Alma Mater statue located at the entrance of campus.

University of Illinois But only if you're willing to share your Mini Jimmys...


3. The State Farm Center

While you're on campus swing by the State Farm Center. You might be able to catch a game or a concert!

State Farm Center

And I've got the best idea for your tailgate/pre-concert meal...

*cough* Mini Jimmys *cough* 



4. The Japan House

Last stop on campus, the Japan House. There's a great jogging trail through a Japanese garden! 

Japan House

Don't forget to fuel up! 💪


5. Downtown Champaign

Downtown has lots of restaurants, bars, and shopping. Plus, it's a great place to meet new people and try some yummy food!


I think you know what I mean when I say "try some yummy food"...



200 copy 2

I'm talking about getting some JJ's.


Anyway, don't forget to visit us here:

Champaign JJ's

  1. 1801 W. Springfield Ave. Champaign, IL
  2. 601B East Green Street Champaign, IL
  3. 1511 North Prospect Ave. Champaign, IL
  4. 1811 West Kirby Avenue Champaign, IL
  5. 43 East Green Street Champaign, IL
  6. 807 South Lincoln Avenue Urbana, IL
  7. 102 E. University Urbana, IL



Mini Jimmy-cation: Washington D.C. Holiday Edition


'Tis the season to visit Washington, D.C.  ✈️


They've got it all: lights, holiday markets, trees, trains, and yummy food. Here are a few places you must visit during the most wonderful time of the year! 🎄


1. National Christmas Tree

You'll find this iconic tree in front of the White House. The National Tree has been decorated every year since 1923, that's 93 years ago, and 60 years before I opened my first JJ's. Can you believe that?!

National Christmas Tree

I recommend grabbing some Mini Jimmys in honor of this tradition. 😉


2. Warner Theatre

There's no question, you MUST see The Washington Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. 

Warner Theatre

There's nothin' like a ballet to get you in the holiday spirit!


3. Washington Monument

It's one of D.C.'s most iconic sites and the first Presidential memorial built, so it's a must see. And if you're lucky, you'll catch some Christmas carolers!

Washington Monument

It doesn't get much better than this!


4. Lincoln Memorial

If you visit the Washington Monument you're right by the Lincoln Memorial, just turn around and take a stroll by the Reflecting Pool! 

Lincoln Memeorial

Is it just me or is Lincoln eyeing up my Mini Jimmys? Now there's a man who knows what he wants...


5. Downtown Holiday Market

The market is located in the Penn Quarter and it will meet all of your holiday needs! Hot cocoa, music, and giant nutcracker statues galore! 

Downtown Holiday Market

So. Many. Lights. 😍


6. Botanical Garden Train Display

This place is a real life North Pole. Beautiful lights, decorations, and Christmas trains everywhere you look! 

Botanical Garden Train Display


7. U.S. Capitol Tree

Another tree, but again, worth the visit. You can get up close and personal, and this year's decorations are made by kids from Idaho!

Just melts your heart.

US Capitol Tree

Don't touch the tree btw, I learned the hard way. 🙄


8. Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Whoa, that's a mouth full. This building houses the President and the VP's offices. Pretty cool, eh?

Exec. Building

It's festive and only a 2 minute walk from JJ's. 😏


Now, get out there and get yourself in the holiday mood!



But don't forget to visit us here:

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 10.45.00 AM

  1. 1101 14th St. NW Washington
  2. 1208 G St. NW Washington
  3. 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington
  4. 1408 U St. NW Washington
  5. 3239 14th St. NW Washington
  6. 2428 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington
  7. 1512 Clarendon Blvd. Arlington
  8. 2450 Crystal Dr. Arlington
  9. 1138 N Irving Arlington
  10. 4433 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington D.C.
  11. 5557 Baltimore Ave. Hyattsville
  12. 550 N. Quincy St. Arlington
  13. 8710 Cameron St. Silver Spring
  14. 330 John Carlyle St. Alexandria
  15. 4710 Bethesda Ave. Bethesda 
  16. 5778 Dow Ave. Alexandria
  17. 7410 A Baltimore Ave. College Park
  18. 7121 Leesburg Pike Falls Church
  19. 7011D Manchester Blvd. Alexandria
  20. 6305 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria
  21. 11416 Rockville Pike Rockville
  22. 2750 Gallows Rd. Vienna
  23. 8359 Leesburg Pike Vienna
  24. 14619 Baltimore Ave. Laurel
  25. 523 Quince Orchard Rd. Gaithersburg
  26. 2481 Crain Hwy. Waldorf
  27. 7075 Minstrel Way Columbia
Lead by Example



"I tell people, right when I hire them, there’s nothing I’m going to ask you to do that I wouldn’t do myself. And that’s number one. It’s important for your team to see you washing dishes, cleaning the toilets, or sweeping and mopping the floor. Leading by example is so important because your team will do as you do, not what you say you’ll do. Jimmy John’s is a company that shows you. If you work for it, you’ll get it. There’s no BS."

- Jesse Plucker, General Manager, Sioux Falls, SD #924

Last Minute Christmas Gifts They'll Actually Want


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

And also the most stressful. Just when you think you’re ready, you realize that you’ve got to grab something for your third cousin’s fiancé and suddenly you’re in a pinch.

Below are some last minute gift ideas that will put a smile on just about anyone’s face:

🎄 Jimmy John’s Gift Card 

 Because who doesn’t want free food?

Gift Card

🎄Garlic Bread Gift Basket

For all your holiday parties, I’ve got the perfect quick and easy hostess gift: Garlic bread gift basket. Grab a couple loaves of Day Old bread, your favorite garlic bread seasonings and voila! 

Garlic Bread 2

🎄Day Old Bread Basket

Or go with a classic: Day Old bread, olive oil and herbs for dipping!

Bread and oil

Add a little Italian luxury to your holiday cheer!


🎄White Elephant Gift

For a quick White Elephant gift or stocking stuffer, grab a jar, some M&M’s and a JJ’s gift card to hide inside! 

M&Ms 2

🎄 Jimmy John’s Cookie Box

Cookie boxes make great gifts for teachers, coworkers or…just about anyone.  Those with a strong sweet tooth UNITE!


🎄Homemade Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you can’t decide whether to get chips or grab a box of cookies, I’ve got the perfect solution: Cookies MADE OUT OF JIMMY CHIPS 

Potato Chip Cookies

They’re delicious and anyone would be stoked to get a tin of these babies.

Check out the recipe here:


🎄Jimmy John's Merch

Now, if you’ve got a fashionista in the family (or someone who needs to spruce up their wardrobe) my new line of JJ merch is what you’re lookin for 


Check it out right here:


🎄 Mini Jimmys

Mini Jimmys are perfect for office pot lucks, Christmas parties or if ya just don’t feel like cookin 

White MJ


🎄 And don’t forget, if you eat enough sandwiches, all those sub wrappers come in handy for wrapping gifts!  

JJ wrap paper


Merry Christmas, Santa's Watching


Being a parent can be stressful. There’s lots to keep up with especially around Christmas time. Between gifts from Santa, stockings, and extended family coming into town, you’re swamped.

And now the season’s new tradition: Elf on the Shelf.

For those Christmas tradition newbies, these are magical elves that watch over your kids and report back to Santa.

Let the panic mode start.

Cuz it’s kinda weird...

Never fear. As always, I’m here to help make one of the biggest season trends a little easier.

Meet Billy and Lulu, the Jimmy John’s Elves.

Meet the Elves


Here are 8 ideas if you’ve got a JJ crazed kiddo or you’re just lookin for a reason to visit me.

1. Got a cookie box with a catering order? Have left overs? Elves love to eat cookies! Billy and Lulu are no exception, they love to chow down on some Ghirardelli goodness, just like Mama made ‘em!

Eating Cookies


2. Don’t throw out the wrap paper from your sammies! These elves can be crafty! They’ll make anything into a Christmas decoration.

Paper Snowflakes

Don’t these snowflakes just warm your heart?

3. Everyone loves a little competition! Save those Mini Jimmy bags from your party and let ‘em throw down with a paper sack race.

Paper sack racing

4. Sammies always make me thirsty. Instead of throwing out your cups, let the elves cool down from all their playing with a little date night action

Date Night

5. Grab an extra bag of chips at lunch and use ‘em to make a toasty Elf hot tub! (‘cuz who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot tub when the weather turns chilly?)

Hot Tub

6. But ya never know what these rascals will get in to if ya leave ‘em alone with the Jimmy chips too long….


7. And you can’t forget to set out the cookies for Santa! These elves love to chip in when it comes to the big guy. Share your leftover JJ’s cookies (Who am I kidding, you’ll have to just buy an extra or two, cuz no one has left overs) from your cookie box for the man in red.

Cookies for Santa

8. And hey, if you’re feeling particularly jolly you can always share the love with your Elf by getting ‘em their own sammie and makin’ a bed for them to snuggle into.


Sharing is caring after all!

And remember, no matter what they’re doing, they’re watching you! …and it’s creepy.